Perfect  Your Brew

Different brewing methods bring out different qualities and characteristics.


Coffee extraction is both an art and a chemistry - being able to replicate that in your daily cup of coffee will make a world of a difference!


From the French Press to the V60 Dripper, our baristas will demonstrate how different extraction methods can bring out the best in your cuppa!

Learn  the Difference

Not all coffees are created equal.


Our Coffee Aficionados will take you through a sensory experience to identify coffees of different origins, blends and roast profiles.


Coffee tasting makes use of taste and smell to identify and locate aromas and flavour notes.

Connect  Over Coffee

Coffee always tastes better with company!


Our workshops work best among small groups, ensuring a casual setting for learning and having fun.


Whether it’s between new acquaintances or old friends, you’ll be surprised at how coffee gets the conversation flowing!

Some of our happy customers

Customised Workshops, just for you!

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