Express your individuality in your daily cuppa,

Just how you like it.


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My Coffee, My Way

3 Simple Steps 

Tell us what you look out for in that daily cuppa! Whether it's a dark roast with chocolatey notes or a light roast with a hint of berries, we've got you covered! Top it off with our spice options of cinammon & chai!

Tell Us

Let our connoisseurs do the thinking for you! We'll send you a few samples to test and you'll tell us which ones you like or what more needs to be changed. We won't stop til we get it right!

Brew & Test

Once your recipe is locked in, you now have your own coffee blend! Choose from our different subscription options to get that perfect cuppa every single time.  Enjoy!

Finalise & Enjoy

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Choose from our range of Single Origin & Blend Coffees or even customise your blends with natural spice infusions.

Stay Kaffeignated
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