Nicaragua | Mandheling


Tasting Notes Chocolaty, Floral 

Processing: washed

Body: Medium

Acidity: Low


A transition from a cup of black Nanyang kopi to a flavourful cuppa of arabical coffee, this is what the 90-TEN Blend is about. A perfect blend of beans to provide a smooth body (strong enough to relive the kicks of a Nanyang Kopi without the "Siap-ness") yet a minimal acidity to balance the cup. If your just starting your journey into the wonders of arabica, this is the stepping bean for you!

90-TEN Blend Beans

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Brewing Method
  • While the tasting profiles ( notes, body, acidity) have been carefully curated numerous times by us, the might be slight difference due to lifestyle habits. Thus, the profiles serves as a guide and are not absolute.

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